Paper Mill

Fyansford Paper Mill is an historical precinct, heritage listed

Paper Mill

The Mill started operations on 9 August 1878, 140 years ago. The rags (old clothing, tents, sails etc) were delivered to the rag storage building (today referred to as the old WWII bomb (testing building) and from there were taken into the rag sorting room (now Russell Fibreglass Industries site 16). It was here that staff cut off all clasps, buttons etc. They were then trucked across to the adjoining building (now Loulis screen printingstudio) where they were chopped up into bits. In the Willow or winnowing room all the dust and lint was removed from the rags. This was perhaps the dirtiest job on the site. Generally a man and young boys and girls did this filthy and health threatening work. they wound cloth around their faces to protect them from all the dust and lint.

The chopped up rags were then dropped down into a revolving boiler and boiled to remove any remaining dirt or contamination. This also softened the rags for the paper making process. The product was then removed to the Breaker House where the rags were then bleached and pulped.into a consistency of the right requirement. When necessary some colouring was added. The pulp was then run out onto the paper machine in the Machine Room (now Provenance Winery) to produce the reels of paper which then was inspected, cut packaged in the Finishing Room. Once it was finished it was stacked in the Paper Store (now Wine Making shed for Provenenace).

Life at the Paper Mil was a cycle and dangerous in the operation of the machinery. Especially dangerous was the rag chopping room where many a child’s fingers, arms were crushed or cut with the rag chopping machine – which is akin to a tree shredder of today.

Art, Craft & Cultural Precinct

The precinct consists of several art/craft/ cafe/ winery/businesses each operating independently within the buildings of the precinct. The cafe and other art/craft businesses operate variously between Wednesday to Sunday whereas the Provenance Winery is open 7 days a week.

Site numbers at Fyansford Paper Mills

1. ZDF Studio
2. Provenance Winery
3. The Great Hall (Truffleduck)
4&5. All Things Mosaic
6. C.R.A.P. Creative Repurposed Assorted Products
7. Stone Vault Studio
8. The Door Gallery Cafe
9. The Paper Mill Gallery
10. Frank Baker
11. Bruce Kirby Artist Studio
12. Russell Fibreglass Industries
13. Old bomb Testing Building
14. Baker st Studeo
15. Louli Screen Printing
16. Dimora Design
17. John Garner Bookcraft
18. A Denise & Louise Woodmansey Studio
Open at different times – please check with owners.

The Fyansford Paper Mill is a hidden heritage and cultural treasure. This Paper mill has been a testimony to the Victorian manufacturers during the 1870s. The buildings as well as the machinery were created during the great technological period. It remains as one of the most complete complex of its time. This mill comprised of the original mill building itself along with a manager’s house built in the year 1878, impeller, stone weir, 6 cottages for workers and stone water race. Among the various other paper mills in Australia, this one remains as the earliest built paper mill.

On your visit you can enjoy the history which is rich in its own way since it is dated back to early industrial era. Gradually there have been a lot of changes at this heritage site where it is turning out to be an emerging tourist spot and arts precinct. The buildings at this heritage site are huge and magnificent. Thus it is the perfect setting for art lovers and music fanatics. It is turning out to be the perfect blend of rich old culture with a touch of modernisation.

There are art, craft and cultural studios blooming in this venue. If you are looking for that perfect getaway to just unwind and relax then you can surely head to the Fyansford Paper Mill. Art galleries, studios, winery, café,accommodation, live music and many morerevival ideas that make this place more happening.

Although situated just on the outskirts of Geelong itgives you that village like feel. Very peaceful and away from the stressful city life. You also have easy access to the famous Buckley Falls. There is plenty of parking space and is just a 5 minutedrive from the city.

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