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Huge range of Indian Antique hand carved Doors and Door related products

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Australia’s only Indian Antique Door display centre, cafe & wine bar. We have a huge range of Indian Antique hand carved Doors and Door related products on display for sale.

Home for the best Indian Antique doors, you can shop at our store for some of the most exclusive antique doors which can be used for residential as well as commercial purposes. These doors will surely add a touch of elegance to your space. The doors are embellished with antique fittings along with hand carved trims and mouldings. Each of these doors are truly versatile and can quickly transform the look of the space where it is being used.

Door Surround and Panel Sets

For a Grand entrance to your house, lanscape, office or that special place we have a large range Door surround and panels sets on display.

Door Panel Sets

We have a large range of hand carved door panel sets that will enhance any entrance.

A Door is not just a Door

Indian Doors make great wine racks, coffee/dining tables, bedheads bartops of whatever the creative mind can manifest.

Exquisite hand crafted Doors

Relax n snack in the tranquil ambience of the Cafe browsing through their collection of India’s finest handy crafts.

Secure and strong, these doors provide for unlimited flexibility in terms of its usage and design. These doors can also be reused for making a coffee/dining tables, bedhead, exterior of cabinets and so on. These doors are made of Indian Teak or the best available forest hardwood.

Without a second thought, we can see that most of the beautiful antique doors are known to be sourced from India. Each and every door has its unique significance when it comes to design and decoration. Our aim is to give life to these doors so that they can be used for residential or commercial purpose. When you place these doors in the exterior or use it for other purposes, it would instantly provide elegance and life to the room.

The door designs that we see have been greatly influenced by the various Indian religious ideals and cultures. You can call it a perfect blend of Mughal, Hinduism and Western culture. The appearance of these doors are unique. One of the major factor behind such unique décor is due to the war and conflict in those days. Every door has something to talk about the past.

Teak wood has been used for the construction of these doors, hence, you can notice the sturdiness and resistance of these doors is far better than the modern doors. Thanks to the use of teak wood, it has also ensured that the carvings and designs done on these doors stand the test of time. Thus, most of the carvings still look fresh and neat.

Apart from the exterior antique doors, we also have interior doors on display. Though they may not be as ornate as the exterior antique doors but the interior antique doors also have their own beauty and charm that cannot go unnoticed. The shapes of these doors vary from latticework to simple planking.

It has a combination of beautiful colours to make it look attractive. Most of the exterior doors, you may notice would have heavy carvings but the same is not the case with interior doors. The interiors ones are decorated mostly with unique looking murals. Each of these doors bear a resemblance to certain historical event, religious sentiments and some are just for pure decoration. You would notice that the interior antique doors may look simple but at the same time are beautiful.

These antique doors can also be used for various other purposes if not as an interior or exterior door. With the rise in demand for these doors, even the ones that are damaged are now seen as a perfect fit in most of the home and office décor. Such doors are re-purposed for creating tables, cabinet doors, mirror frames and much more.

Certain pieces of these antique furniture are also being used for creating shelves, benches etc. We have seen a rise in the number of people willing to keep the history of such old items alive.

These antique doors are sturdy and durable and our craftsmen take pride in restoring each of these doors with utmost accuracy. These doors are a perfect fit for your modern home or office décor. Thanks, to its multi-purpose use you can place them in any part of the house to match the décor. We take pride in showcasing the best of antique furniture which would enhance your home and office.

Product Guarantee

Indian All of our products have been sourced from India, primarily from the desert region of Rajasthan.

Many were formerly temple doors or front doors from traditional Indian Havelis, or large residences. The doors are constructed from Indian Teak and the best local timbers.

They range from 75 years to 350 years old and feature classical Indian motifs, some dating back to early Mogul architecture from the time of Genghis Khan.

Our team of Rajasthani master craftsmen take pride in restoring each hand-selected piece back to the natural beauty of the timber with precision. Our authentic Indian doors can be used to enhance any entrance in the home, restaurant or office and are ideal as a feature piece in a modern interior.

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